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Recently my company, F&N Enterprise, published 5 books of my compositions titled "Jazz & Pop Piano Paradise".  These books include original compositions in different styles.  The compositions are geared towards teaching beginner and intermediate students of piano, and have been extensively tested in the teaching environment.  The compositions are easy to read, fun to play and sound professional when performed.  The books have become a commercial success and a hit with music teachers and students in Canada. (Thousands books already sold in Canada). They are also starting to enter the US, Brazil, Norway, Russia, Holland, Israel,Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Luxemburg, Latvia and UK markets.

"Piano Paradise" invites the music stars of tomorrow to venture into the beautiful world of piano music.

These books will introduce them to many different styles of fun and exciting Jazz and Contemporary Music. The fresh and original approach will have them learning the necessary techniques with little effort because it is so much fun! From the very first song they will be playing and sounding like a true professional!

The myriad of varied songs have been chosen for these books for their elements of easy readability and for the love and enthusiasm students have shown for them. The transcriptions are simple to learn and teach and charming to play!

This lovely collection of songs is a perfect learning and teaching tool and a valuable supplementary book to help teachers and budding musicians effectively launch their musical aspirations. These books will become a mainstay in any student's or teacher's repertoire.

Transcriptions range from entry level to intermediate and are easy enough for the beginner musician to use to launch their understanding of playing Jazz and Contemportaty piano music. From using these books, the students will be afforded an effective way to attain a greater knowledge and feel for playing and performing.

All music lovers will cheris these convenient and time tested books to help the budding musician begin hir os her journey of wonder, accomplishment and joy into the beatiful world of Music.

Volume 1

On June 7, 2006 was released my new book "Jazz & Pop Sax Paradise" (Volume 1, for Alto & Tenor Sax) with an attached CD. Each song is recorded twice. The first version includes a Sax backed up by highly professional background music. The second version, let’s you take the spotlight and perform in front of the audience of your choice backed up by an amazing Jazz & Pop Band.


I have all my sheet music in a Digital Format (PDF files)

Cost of each song $1.99-$3.99


Please email: fima@rogers.com


In addition I have many Jazzy/Pop arrangements of songs which are in a Public Domain, such as:


"Happy Birthday", "Jingle Bells", "Adagio" by Albinoni, "Dark Eyes", "Deck the Hall", "Serenade" by Schubert, "Symphony #40" and "Rondo Alla Turca" by Mozart, "Silent Night", "Go, Tell It On the Mountain", "Santa Lucia", "Hungarian Dance" and many other.