Reviews on Books

“This is a wonderful new publication. Fishel Pustilnik has a knack for writing accessible pieces for students in the styles that they enjoy playing. These pieces offer much appeal for the young pianist and excellent choice for a supplementary book for students from Grade 3 to 8”.

Lore Ruschiensky, Editor, (from review in “The Canadian Music Teacher”)

"Yesterday I spent at least two pleasure filled hours playing through your imaginatively inventive compositions. Congratulations! I trust students will decide to program your well crafted and entertaining works on recitals and examinations."

Dr. Jack Behrens, B.Sc. (Julliard), PH.D (Harvard), Director of Academic Studies, The Glenn Gould School

"I thought the books were excellent, most of all their variety of styles, clearly written, strong melodies and all in all perfect for someone progressing with the piano and looking to diversity repertoire."

Paul Harris, famous English piano performer

"I liked this book the best so far. Great work! You have a gift for melody and your arrangements are very playable. Congratulations on the 3rd Volume.

Regarding your arrangements: Many books come across my desk each week (Hal Leonard publishes more than 10,000 different publications, over 2,000 of which are new each year) and some of them are "outside" books which we finish production of, or joint ventures, such as with Yamaha and Roland, which we just distribute but don't "work" on (either production or editorial).   A Roland book just came through, and it's basically the same as our MIDI Play-Along series, so I pulled out the floppy disk, put it into my computer and listened through a few songs, playing along with the music a little, but mostly just listening.   I've got to tell you, Fishel, your MIDI arrangements are far superior to any of these in this Roland book. Far superior. My hat is off to you, sir. You're doing a great job and it shows. This is now the third example of MIDI arrangements I've heard (other than yours) and not one of them comes up to those you're creating for us.   Thank you for the outstanding work!"

Mark Carlstein, Hal Leonard, Keyboard Publications Editor

“Thank you for sending your books for our festival.  I have just now had time to play through them.  They are wonderful.  I really enjoyed myself.  If music teaching falls through, maybe I could just play your songs at a night club or something.  Have you thought of sending them to Hollywood as movie themes?  The a minor  reminded me of love story and one of the others reminded me of a film”.

Beth Cruickshank, Music Chairperson, Midwestern Ontario Rotary Music Festival

“I like your style of composition and  hope to use your pieces often for students who need a "Canadian Composer.”

Review from Della Letkeman, Piano Teacher

"Thank you for giving The Frederick Harris Music Co., Limited the opportunity to consider your collection "Jazz & Pop Piano Paradise" ,Volumes 1-4.

The Members of the Editorial Committee enjoyed getting to know these pieces. They were impressed by the high quality and variety of compositional technique as well as by the excellent quality of the presentation".

Michael Christoff

Editorial Projects Manager

"I am actually making a promotion of your music in my class,and the reaction of my students is very good.I will also talk to the other teachers in my school, (I work in the Conservatoire de musique de Genève and also Conservatoire de l'Ouest  Vaudois )".

Best  regards.
Hin Keong LAM


"Aloha! I love your music, so are my students!! In fact, six of them are already practicing your pieces to perform at our upcoming Annual Recital!! I had performed your music for a private party with the Hawaii State’s Lt. Governor two days ago!!  They were well received!! I always think of you fondly and your music are wonderful!"


Winnie Chan

Winnie Chan Piano Studio, Hawaii

"I just can't stop playing your music. It is so beautiful, it's unreal".

Vera Monaco, BA


"Thank you very much for your music. I enjoy your way of playing, your style, the quality of your tone. Your music creates great feeling of positive energy. I like to listen to it when I need some inspiration to go thru the day.
Thank you again".

Garry Ioffe,

"Dear Fishel,


The British Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) are considering your work "Jay-Walker" from "Jazz and Pop Piano Paradise" volume 4 for inclusion in their Grade 1 piano syllabus for 2013-14."

Best wishes


Tim Gill
Managing Director

London, United Kingdom

Reviews on CD "Sax Paradise"

CFBX Radio Speciality Charts for Early December 2007

# 8 in Top 10 Jazz Albums

"Greetings Fishel,

Congratulations on your 4 books of compositions. I hope that they become standards among the music teachers.

Your music is relaxing and exciting at the same time, that is,"Sax Paradise". I think of my years in Miami when I listen to the those syncopated beats. I love your music, and I have included, "On The Way To Brazil" from you CD, "Sax Paradise" in my new show on www.shoutoutusa.com. It is called, "The Latin Flavor (El Sabor de Latino).I will be playing more tunes from you CD on "The Latin Flavor" and my jazz show on www.pscradio.com. I like your "Blues For Tony" also. Thank you for sending your CD for airplay. I am in the process of recording some new shows for syndication and I will e-mail you to let you know what tunes from your CD will be aired.

Best wishes for your continued success".

Theola Bright  Alabama, USA


"Fishel has struck the right formula with his cd "Sax Paradise", for radio stations with a leaning towards smooth jazz. The melodies are wonderfully crafted with excellent backing and the pieces are just the right length for airplay. The tunes on the cd are basically up tempo with nice contrast on the slower pieces, "Secret Love" and "Remembering Paris". "Secret Love" has a nice guitar line and along with "Remembering Paris" the lush orchestrations are very appealing. Although a short piece, "Blues For Tony", shows Fishel's versatility in introducing a blues tune to the mix. "Shuffle"r has a nice jazz swing about it and the organ phrases were very tasteful. The outstanding tracks for me on the cd are, "On The Way To Brazil", "Lucky Day", "In A Cavern Of Love", "Utopia" and "Gambler". I have played all these on my program".

John Holden, 2ccrfm90.5  Australia

"Thank you for sending this C.D. This is a terrific recording,bright,innovative, and refreshing. The Music is well constructed, composed, and arranged with good rhythmic and melodic content. Mr. Fishel is a man of considerable Musical talent and all the playing on this C.D. is of the highest quality. This recording will certainly feature in my future Jazz Programmes on K.C.R. Top marks to all involved".

Best Wishes,

John Reid, Keith Community Radio 102.8 FM, Keith, Banffshire, SCOTLAND.


"What a great album. I’ve already started playing tracks on air. The only problem is, there are SO MANY really good tracks that it is hard to choose which ones to play. Well done!"

All the best,

Harold Ellison "The Jazz Cafe" TripleU-FM Nowra, New South Wales, Australia

"This CD is a great example of tracks for TV / Advertising".

Martin Smith

Radio Seagull, United Kingdom

"What a great sound you have, I have played several of your tracks to date and plan to schedule more in future programs. Keep up the good work and please keep me up to date with your progress".


Michael Criddle OzRadio (President Radio Triple H-FM) Australia


"Your song "In a Cavern of Love" is #8 in the selection of artists of the month of June "Frequency Earth" - Published on 26-05-2008"

Catherine BENOT

Radio "Frequence Terre", Paris  France

"Hi Fishel. Many Sincere thanks for the CD that arrived here OK. We really enjoyed it, and added some tracks to our playlist. Once again thanks for an entertaining and motivating CD. Keep up the good work".


Graham J Barclay 

Soundwave FM, New Zealand

"Sax Paradise" is great and hot and smooth and as I build this radio program this sound is the smooth jazz sounds I want to portray. Great sound!"

Emerson Allen
Giant 90.9 WBDG  Indiana  USA

"We really love your stunning sophisticated Jazz, your style is powerful, evocative and very subtle. The choice of  material backed up with a cooking band is marvelous and gels together into a lush sound tinged with a wonderful R&B groove,  that has you wanting more and our audiences most certainly will love your sound. Great interpretations with a wonderful laid back feel,,,,,very cool indeed. It certainly struck us a an extraordinary cd one that will be very well received by our  astute audience. As with all the music that comes to the station we listen to the cd's and then decide as to where to allocate to gain the very best air time for the artists and label. Not only do we play the music but also like to promote the we sites as well. We love this cd so as to making a choice where to allocate to was extremely easy. We placed your music with a show that has been on air here in Melbourne for a relatively short time but already is making an impact specializing in Jazz and just Jazz.  The show "Sunday Sessions" with Desi D,, Sunday  1 to to 3pm. Desi  has been a leading part of the Jazz music scene here for many years and is highly respected and listened to. Our station has over 400-000 listeners per week and over 6 million hits per month on our web site. Once again thank-you for the music and welcome to PBS FM and of course Melbourne Australia. If l can be of help in regard to PBS, please don't hesitate to contact me".  


Peter Merritt, Music Manager

PBS FM 106-7 Melbourne   Australia

"Hi Fishel! Hoping to communicate good news to you I am sending you a direct link to the web article about broadcasting your music trough my Jazz program "ANIMAJAZZ". Many compliments for your music".

An embrace and all the best.

Bruno Pollacci "AnimaJazz"    ITALY


"Great sax work on this project not to mention meaningful".

Leon Reyes

KVMR Radio 89.5 FM Nevada City/Sacramento Ca Host: Leon's Jazz In A Box  USA

"Nicely done and keep up the great work".

Brenda Budd 

Swing2jazz / CHAI 101.9 FM  Canada

"Funky and just great! Many thanks for the opportunity to review and play this album".

Kind regards,

Helen Jarroe

Cairns FM 89.1   Australia

"Thank you very much for set of recordings and press-kits informations. We will put some of these excellent songs on our air-play list and will review album too. I will back with additional details and ideas as soon as possible".

All the best:

Dioni Piatkowski (**)ERA JAZZU Dioni Piatkowski Strzelecka 37 62-050 Mosina POLAND


"Hi, i am not an English Speaker, but i do my best. Your CD is very fine. I play it sometimes on the radio and at home".

Best regards,

Kerstin Kröger

Radio Kanal Ratte Schopfheim Germany



"A great selection of sax tracks. The only complaint is that some are a little short. I prefer tracks around 4 minutes long but that's just me I guess. I have played various tracks recently and will continue to include it in future programs".

Graham Johnson
2CCR-FM  Australia

"My two favourite tracks on the CD are "In a Cavern of Love" and "Utopia". I have played "Cavern of Love" on my Sunday Evening Show, Elevator Club, and "Utopia" more suited to Sunday morning's jazz programming"

Gord Bibby
CHLY 101.7 FM  Canada

"Dear Fishel,Thank you very much for the CD "Sax Paradise" that you recently sent to us. It is being enjoyed on our easy listening programs during the week".


Geof Cartledge, Librarian/Presenter,

West Gippsland Community Radio Inc., Drouin. Victoria. Australia

"Hi Mr. Fishel,
I have played a number of your cuts on my jazz show and one on my blues show.  I send my playlists on a weekly basis to Radio Direct".

Al Lubiejewski
WQLN FM     Erie, PA  USA

"Fishel clearly has the necessary experience, because he sounds impeccable. He plays strongly and melodiously, flowing through genres without any difficulties. As a fellow Sax player, I am glad that I found out about Fishel!"

Patrick Van De Wiele

Keys & Chords Magazine

www.keysandchords.com   BELGIUM

"Hi Fishel, Great work on this disc full of great saxy music. One to be proud of. Thank's"

George Young

Country club productions pty ltd   Australia

"Another excellent recording, albeit (dare I say it) slightly 'smoother' than I would really like. The jazz brigade around here seem to like a slightly rougher edge to their music, soundin perhaps less polished than this does - however this in no way detracts from the musicianship which so clearly comes across. As a radio announcer, I do however like people to have more than a surname".


RADIO MALDWYN,  United Kingdom

Dear Fishel,

"Your "Sax Paradise" is receiving plenty of airplay".

Parko Parkinson

QBN FM 96.7  Australia

"I received your CD.  Be sure to tune in next Tuesday, February 19 to hear your music on WPRB in Princeton, NJ (USA).  My show is on at 7p Eastern Standard Time, and you can tune in via internet at www.wprb.com.  The name of my show is "Jazz with The Black Girl".  If for some reason you don't hear it next week, keep listening because I will definitely put your music on the air".  

The Black Girl

WPRB, Princeton  USA

"Your album arrived a few days ago! "Utopia" is aired today at 03.42h our time in the afternoon.

Best regards and success!"

Koen De Bruyn

CROOZE.fm - 104.2fm  BELGIUM

"Saxy baby! (like that is origional) Makes me feel far groovier than I actually am when I play your music, but listeners don't have to know that!! Thanks...groove on!"

Mitchell Mendys


"Can I ask you to send me one more copy (maybe signed) of this your truly wonderful CD?"

Serge Kozlovsky, Belarus

Reviews on CD "Sax Voyage "

CFBX Radio Speciality Charts for Late July 2008

# 8 in Top 10 Jazz Albums

"Thank you for sending this C.D. I thought "Sax Paradise" would be a hard act to follow but "Sax Voyage" is an absolutely brilliant recording. Superbly crafted from first to last the Musicianship is top quality, which complements the mixture of Tempos and Rhythms throughout. The Compositions, Arrangements, and Production allow for the variations of Jazz styles and that mixture is excellent. This C.D. has been a treat to listen to and will certainly feature in my future Jazz Programmes on K.C.R. Full marks to ALL concerned, there is no substitute for class".

Best Wishes

John Reid, Keith Community Radio 102.8 FM Keith Banffshire   SCOTLAND

"Greetings Fishel, Sax Voyage is more than a collection 16 real smooth jazz tunes it is a voyage in the jazz genre. From latin samba beat to the contemporary One "Sax Voyage" which I am pleased to share was our Listeners. Travel SAFE Keeping real music ALIVE - 15 years on"

Raymond Phillips,

OKR97.1 FM   Australia

"Dear Fishel, I did receive the CD. Thank you very much. It's wonderful, I'm on the road again and when I get back in May I will start working on your song "Remembering Paris". 

Good luck with your CD very inspiring." 

Best regards,

Bernie Fields (famous harmonica player)  USA

"This is the second release that I have from Fishel. As with the first CD it is filled with excellent sax tracks. I have included a couple of tracks already in my radio program and I intend to keep playing the CD for some time. It more than favourably compares with tracks by the more established sax players. Great one Fishel!"

Graham Johnson,

2CCR-FM Australia

"Fantastic Album. Greet stuff for our Radio Station".

Alex Pijnen

BRTO Radio  Netherlands

"Hello Fishel from Sydney, Australia.  Thank you for sampling me your CD for my radio programs.  I have added it to my current play list.  These can be found (when published) at www.amrap.org. I have attached my CV for your interest. 

Best wishes from Down Under.  

Dick Hughes, Community Radio Broadcaster 

Jazz Action Productions  Australia

"Last CD was great, we play it all the time on WRPO  93.5 Smooth Jazz.  Looking forward to next one!" 

Gene Kirby

WRPO  93.5 Smooth Jazz  USA

"We're currently playlisting "Shuffler" from 'Sax Paradise'. It's a great album and since we have a 4:10 instrumental policy, we're always on the hunt for good instrumentals. So please send us the new CD"

Tony Currie
Radio Six International  SCOTLAND

"Dear Mr. FISHEL,   my  name is Kay Howick and I am the music director for bay fm 100.3. Recently you sent me a cd called "Sax Paradise".I have to say how much I enjoyed it. is it possible to get another copy of it as I have a couple of programmes that I could slot it into, is it possible also to get a couple of copies of the new cd called "Sax Voyage".  

Kind regards,

Kay Howick, Music Director Bay fm 1003   Australia

"Hello,   We currently have "Utopia", "In a Cavern of Love", and "On the Way to Brazil" on our playlist, after recieving your CD some weeks ago.   Please keep us informed of any new material you might have in the future!"

Kindest regards,

Brian Harrison

Q fm  Spain

"Our Dutch producer loves your music ("Sax Paradise") and is playing it on our Dutch program on AM1470 and 96.1FM, so you can add our station to your list if you haven't already.  She would also like a copy of "Sax Voyage".

Leela Donna

Fairchild Radio International Department   Canada

"What a great sound you have, we have played several of your tracks to date and plan to schedule more in future programs. Keep up the good work and please keep us up to date with your progress"

Regards Michael Criddle

OzRadio (President Radio Triple H-FM) ozradio@ozisp.com.au  Australia

"Hey Fishel, Have enjoyed your music very much. Love Latin Sax Music. If you have more albums to your name, I`d love to make a program with only your music. To do so I need at least 2 different album to make a one hour show.

Please keep in touch".

Peter, H.P.van Wijnbergen, Producer Jazz Profile Radio Assen FM Mr.P.J.Troelstralaan Netherlands

"You have a great talent! I'd like to see you here with a concert some day!"

Serge Kozlovsky,  
http://sergekozlovsky.com   Belarus

"Thank you very much for set of recordings and press-kits information. Naturally all these will be put to radio air-plays here and I will do all my best to find distributor of yours records here. May be the best way will be contact directly with one of them: NICHE MUSIC at : niche_music@interia.pl Drop me a line if you wish any more assistance and - be in touch... "

All the best,

Dioni Piatkowski ERA JAZZU

www.jazz.pl    erajazzu@jazz.pl   POLAND

"Dear Fishel, Thank you very much for the CD "Sax Voyage" that you sent to us recently. It is very enjoyable and our listeners are enjoying listening to it on our easy listening programs Mondays to Fridays"

Regards, Geof Cartledge,

Librarian/Presenter, West Gippsland Community Radio Inc.,.  Australia

"I loaded 4 songs to our play list: "In a Cavern of Love",  "Lucky Day", "On the Way to Brazil", and "Utopia". Please tell your fan base to tune into the station."

Greg Brown
WINR Smoothjazz Radio.  USA

"Hello Fishel:   I have listened to music on your website and I would be happy to programme your music on Swisssh Net Radio. Look forward to the CD's arrival. I'll also place a link on the Swisssh Website when the CD arrives."

Rob Reid

Swisssh Net Radio,  Canada

"Dear Fishel,

Thank you very much for sending me your new cd.  I am sorry it has taken so long to get back to you.  In my opinion "Sax Voyage" is a real winner.  I have played a number of the tunes on two radio stations where I present  smooth jazz programs. The cd has quickly become a favourite of mine.  Here are some comments I have made on some of the tracks;

"All The Best To Mr Loweth", a good uptempo piece with a nice moving bass line. I love the orchestral score to this very catchy tune.

"Sentimental Funky Blues", is a laidback tune, ideal for radio.

"Brazilian Samba", captures the Latin feel superbly. It has proved popular with listeners.

"Sandy Beach", I love the sound of the surf in the introduction.It has a slight French feel about it. It provides a good change of pace on the cd and has a nice dreamy sax line.

"Promenade", has a good boogy feel about it and I enjoyed the piano line - a real toe tapper.

"Sad Eyes", also has a French feel about it and a nice slower tempo.

"A Soulful Man", has a lovely gently melody with a nice beat.

"Unforgettable Venice", this is my favourite and I have played it a number of times. It has a catchy beguine beat and the mandolines give it a genuine Latin feel.

"Mystique", is a good radio track with a catchy melody.

"A Man Of Moods", has a nice air of anticipation about it and interesting use of orchestral phrases.

I wish you all the best with "Sax Voyage" and hope it sells well".

Kind regards,

John  Holden, 2ccrfm90.5   Australia

"Hi, We're on the air and love to play the blues and jazz.  We thought we contact you to ask if you would put us on your list of stations you send promotional copies of "SAX VOYAGE" or some blues and smooth jazz. We would like to promote good sounding musicians like yourself on our shows". 

Stephen L. Denemark,

President of WQJC-LP FM.   USA

"Hi Fishel, Great album I received from you. We have a great response on it. Love to hear more!!!"


Paul van Kuik, Radio 0162 - Dongen  Netherlands

"Fishel Pustilnik's playing is a tantalizing mix of creativity and craftmanship".

Bob Collins, The Jazz Cafe WRHU Hempstead, NY  USA

"Dear Fishel, Thank you for your email about your new cd.  I am interested in hearing your new cd.  I have been playing your previous cd on my smooth jazz programme".

Kind regards,

John Holden, 2ccrfm90.5   Australia

"I 'personally' liked your music!

I'm the CEO of BBS Networks, Inc. Name's Doug.

I'd like you to consider having your music played on BBS Radio!

BBSRadio.com; a radio network providing more weekly LIVE shows than any other Radio Network in America. We have over 140 LIVE radio shows a week (always live)! We get 1/2 million hits a day - and 65% of 'all' visitors bookmark us (that's a three month moving average). We also get between 10,000 - 15,000 UNIQUE VISITORS Per day (which only includes unique IP addresses - we don't count them twice). We are becoming the most dominant force in radio on the NET! One Network stream is exclusively dedicated to running 24-Hour Music that showcases music just like yours!

We give you exposure! No risk! And promote you, without ever requiring anything but your written OKAY!

We play you! You get exposure! No strings! Please Send me your CDs.

"All the Best to Mr. Loweth" is a song with great appeal. I found myself captivated by the brass, rhythm and adept composition. Wondeful! We are proud to include it on BBS Radio!"

Douglas Newsom

Co-Founder & CEO BBS Network, Inc. (BBSRadio.com)   USA

"Fishel, I enjoyed this CD more than the last one, you are getting airplay in my programmes, keep up the good work"


Martin Smith

Radio Seagull, United Kingdom

"I have just heard your music on musicsubmit and love your sound.

I own Indi Showcase and am a partner in www.awesomeradio.net. We are an international, internet radio stations with over 40 DJ's through out the world. We hit all timezones as we run 24x7. I would love to have you participate on our shows. I know our audiences are going to love them as much as I do. Brilliant work really!!"

Thank you so much!

Shashona Goodman

Indi Showcase   Australia

"Dear Fishel, I like your sound. Your music fits the eclectic format of my station! I will add you to my playlist within the coming week".



Mike Fernandez

Rhythm & Jazz Radio   USA

"Hi Fishel Many Sincere Thanks for the CD" Sax Voyage " that you sent us recently. We have enjoyed it immensly, and have added tracks from it to our playlists. Your presentation of music, inside the style and personality reflected in the tracks is very refreshing. Keep it up. Many thanks again, and please stay in touch".

Kind regards,

Graham J Barclay  New Zealand


"Hello, Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your most recent CD. There are several tracks I can play on my show. I will be recording the show this Friday to air on 2/4/08. Thank you again for the disc. I'm looking forward to your next CD.

Barry Rosen 90.3 WHCJ-FM The Voice Of Savannah State Radio  USA

"Hi Fishel, Yet another wonderful disc full of beautiful music.Relaxing and interesting.Well done."


George Young

Country club productions pty ltd   Australia

"Good listener feedback, especially to "Brazillian Samba". We've added that and "All the Best to Mr. Loweth" to our rotation".

Brian Vita,  WMWM,    USA

"Hi Fishel What a surprising CD on your Sax'es... Because of the great variety the album can placed anywhere in program for airplay which will happen for sure every time now and then. A pleasure to listen".

kind regards,

Joost Host / producer "Jazz & Blues Tour"   The Netherlands

"Hi:Our station would like to play some of your music on one of our two sites, TodaysJazz.net or KYNAradio.com. 

Thanks for making music... we look forward to working for you!"


Gary Barrett, President

Barrett Media

KYNA Internet Radio/Today's Jazz  USA

"What a great album. I’ve already started playing tracks on air. There are SO MANY really good tracks. Well done!"

All the best,

Harold Ellison "The Jazz Cafe" TripleU-FM Nowra, New South Wales,   Australia


Just to let you know I received your CDs of really fine music and your tracks have received very good ratings on Jazz Radio.

Thanks for sharing your music with my listeners!"

dj Ron
Jazz Radio
http://www.classicbluesradio.org  USA

"Heavenly relaxing drifting sounds of the beautifully sounding Sax"

Parko Parkinson,

QBN FM 96.7  Australia

" The sax in smooth and takes you on a voyage"

Emerson Allen,

Host of the Jazz Class on Giant 90.9  USA

"Fishel established himself as a Russian pop star before moving to Canada in the late 1980's where he's become a leading arranger/producer. Lately Fishel has had global success with published works of his compositions. His music is light, refreshing smooth jazz. "Sax Voyage" is the 2008 follow up to "Sax Paradise" and it is at least as good with sixteen more contemporary jazz sax instrumentals."

D. Oscar Groomes,

O's Place Jazz Newsletter,

Charlotte, NC  www.OsPlaceJazz.com  USA

"Wow.. i am truely amazed... i listen to loud obnoxiously hip hop and techno as any other 20 year old would..? but this piece of art is so calm that it can be intoxicating. This reminds me of when music was unpredictable and had limitless potential.. Mr. Fishel.. i'm just a local Toronto amateur producer but i bow down to your talent"

slizzer416 Toronto, Canada

"This video ("Sentimental Funky Blues") is legendary... "