Sax Paradise CD

“Fishel has struck the right formula with his cd “Sax Paradise”, for radio stations with a leaning towards smooth jazz. The melodies are wonderfully crafted with excellent backing and the pieces are just the right length for airplay. The tunes on the cd are basically up tempo with nice contrast on the slower pieces, “Secret Love” and “Remembering Paris”. “Secret Love” has a nice guitar line and along with “Remembering Paris” the lush orchestrations are very appealing. Although a short piece, “Blues For Tony”, shows Fishel’s versatility in introducing a blues tune to the mix. “Shuffle”r has a nice jazz swing about it and the organ phrases were very tasteful. The outstanding tracks for me on the cd are, “On The Way To Brazil”, “Lucky Day”, “In A Cavern Of Love”, “Utopia” and “Gambler”. I have played all these on my program”.John Holden, 2ccrfm90.5
“Thank you for sending this C.D. This is a terrific recording,bright,innovative, and refreshing. The Music is well constructed, composed, and arranged with good rhythmic and melodic content. Mr. Fishel is a man of considerable Musical talent and all the playing on this C.D. is of the highest quality. This recording will certainly feature in my future Jazz Programmes on K.C.R. Top marks to all involved”.Best Wishes,
John Reid, Keith Community Radio 102.8 FM
Keith, Banffshire, SCOTLAND
“What a great album. I’ve already started playing tracks on air. The only problem is, there are SO MANY really good tracks that it is hard to choose which ones to play. Well done!”All the best,
Harold Ellison, TripleU-FM
Nowra, New South Wales
“This CD is a great example of tracks for TV / Advertising”.Martin Smith
Radio Seagull, United Kingdom