These are just some of the great reviews I’ve received

Jazz & Pop Series Books

This is a wonderful new publication. Fishel Pustilnik has a knack for writing accessible pieces for students in the styles that they enjoy playing. These pieces offer much appeal for the young pianist and excellent choice for a supplementary book for students from Grade 3 to 8.
Yesterday I spent at least two pleasure filled hours playing through your imaginatively inventive compositions. Congratulations! I trust students will decide to program your well crafted and entertaining works on recitals and examinations.Dr. Jack Behrens, B.Sc. (Julliard), PH.D (Harvard), Director of Academic Studies, The Glenn Gould School

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Sax Paradise CD

CFBX Radio Speciality Charts for Early December 2007
# 8 in Top 10 Jazz Albums

“Greetings Fishel,
Congratulations on your 4 books of compositions. I hope that they become standards among the music teachers.
Your music is relaxing and exciting at the same time, that is,”Sax Paradise”. I think of my years in Miami when I listen to the those syncopated beats. I love your music, and I have included, “On The Way To Brazil” from you CD, “Sax Paradise” in my new show on It is called, “The Latin Flavor (El Sabor de Latino). I will be playing more tunes from you CD on “The Latin Flavor” and my jazz show on I like your “Blues For Tony” also. Thank you for sending your CD for airplay. I am in the process of recording some new shows for syndication and I will e-mail you to let you know what tunes from your CD will be aired.
Best wishes for your continued success”.Theola Bright
Alabama, USA

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Sax Voyage CD

CFBX Radio Speciality Charts for Late July 2008
# 8 in Top 10 Jazz Albums

“Thank you for sending this C.D. I thought “Sax Paradise” would be a hard act to follow but “Sax Voyage” is an absolutely brilliant recording. Superbly crafted from first to last the Musicianship is top quality, which complements the mixture of Tempos and Rhythms throughout. The Compositions, Arrangements, and Production allow for the variations of Jazz styles and that mixture is excellent. This C.D. has been a treat to listen to and will certainly feature in my future Jazz Programmes on K.C.R. Full marks to ALL concerned, there is no substitute for class”.Best Wishes
John Reid, Keith Community Radio 102.8 FM
Keith, Banffshire, SCOTLAND

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