My Compositions

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Christmas Romance With Latin Beauty (Piano & Viola)


Christmas Waltz For My Lovely Mom (Piano)

Circus Theme (Piano & Violin)


Tango For My Lovely Mom (Piano & Tenor Sax)

What A Beautiful Christmas (Piano & Cello)

Jazz & Pop Piano Paradise

Volume 1

A Man Of Moods

Bossa Nova With Improvisation



You Are Always With Me

Volume 2

Gipsy Dance



Music Of the Night

The Smiles Of Fortune

Sentimental Blues

Volume 3

Brazilian Samba


Funky World

It Was Yesterday

Just A Memory Of Love

Latin Jazz

Love At First Sight

Paradise Island

Volume 4

A Soulful Man



On The Way To Brazil


Volume 5

Boogie Train To Palmerston


Feelings & Technique

Island Of My Dreams

Love & Betrayal

Love Confession

Retro Jazz

Small Town Fair





Jazz & Pop Sax Paradise

Alto Sax & Tenor

  1.   Blues For Tony
  2.   Secret Love
  3.   Hello from Nashville
  4.   Circus Theme
  5.   Remembering Paris
  6.  In a Cavern of Love
  7.  Shuffler
  8.  Utopia
  9.  Gambler
  10.  A Soulful Man
  11.  Lucky Day
  12.  On the Way to Brazil

Each song is recorded twice. The first version includes a Sax backed up by highly professional background music. The second version, let’s you take the spotlight and perform in front of the audience of your choice backed up by an amazing Jazz & Pop Band.

In A Cavern Of Love (Alto Sax)

Lucky Day (Alto Sax)

On The Way To Brazil (Alto Sax)

Shuffler (Alto Sax)

Utopia (Alto Sax)

Sax Voyage

A Soulful Man (Alto Sax)

All The Best To Mr. Loweth (Alto Sax)

Brazilian Samba (Alto Sax)

Sentimental Funky Blues (Alto Sax)

Sexy Cool Sax (Alto Sax)