Jazz & Pop Books

I thought the books were excellent, most of all their variety of styles, clearly written, strong melodies and all in all perfect for someone progressing with the piano and looking to diversity repertoire.Paul Harris, famous English piano performer
I liked this book the best so far. Great work! You have a gift for melody and your arrangements are very playable. Congratulations on the 3rd Volume.
Regarding your arrangements: Many books come across my desk each week (Hal Leonard publishes more than 10,000 different publications, over 2,000 of which are new each year) and some of them are “outside” books which we finish production of, or joint ventures, such as with Yamaha and Roland, which we just distribute but don’t “work” on (either production or editorial). A Roland book just came through, and it’s basically the same as our MIDI Play-Along series, so I pulled out the floppy disk, put it into my computer and listened through a few songs, playing along with the music a little, but mostly just listening. I’ve got to tell you, Fishel, your MIDI arrangements are far superior to any of these in this Roland book. Far superior. My hat is off to you, sir. You’re doing a great job and it shows. This is now the third example of MIDI arrangements I’ve heard (other than yours) and not one of them comes up to those you’re creating for us. Thank you for the outstanding work!Mark Carlstein, Hal Leonard, Keyboard Publications Editor
Thank you for sending your books for our festival. I have just now had time to play through them. They are wonderful. I really enjoyed myself. If music teaching falls through, maybe I could just play your songs at a night club or something. Have you thought of sending them to Hollywood as movie themes? The a minor reminded me of love story and one of the others reminded me of a film.Beth Cruickshank, Music Chairperson, Midwestern Ontario Rotary Music Festival
I like your style of composition and hope to use your pieces often for students who need a Canadian Composer.Review from Della Letkeman, Piano Teacher
Thank you for giving The Frederick Harris Music Co., Limited the opportunity to consider your collection Jazz & Pop Piano Paradise, Volumes 1-4. The Members of the Editorial Committee enjoyed getting to know these pieces. They were impressed by the high quality and variety of compositional technique as well as by the excellent quality of the presentation.Michael Christoff
Editorial Projects Manager
I am actually making a promotion of your music in my class,and the reaction of my students is very good.I will also talk to the other teachers in my school, (I work in the Conservatoire de musique de Genève and also Conservatoire de l’Ouest Vaudois ).Best regards. Hin Keong LAM
Aloha! I love your music, so are my students!! In fact, six of them are already practicing your pieces to perform at our upcoming Annual Recital!! I had performed your music for a private party with the Hawaii State’s Lt. Governor two days ago!! They were well received!! I always think of you fondly and your music are wonderful!Sincerely,
Winnie Chan
Winnie Chan Piano Studio,
I just can’t stop playing your music. It is so beautiful, it’s unreal.Vera Monaco, BA
Thank you very much for your music. I enjoy your way of playing, your style, the quality of your tone. Your music creates great feeling of positive energy. I like to listen to it when I need some inspiration to go thru the day. Thank you again.Garry Ioffe
Dear Fishel,
The British Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) are considering your work Jay-Walker from Jazz and Pop Piano Paradise volume 4 for inclusion in their Grade 1 piano syllabus for 2013-14.Best wishes
Tim Gill, Managing Director
London, United Kingdom